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A joint venture between two friends:

Anne Gauthier + Lindsay Heer

Moms, farmers, ranchers, AGvocates, makers & growers.  An extro/introverted duo that decided to place community over competition and joined forces to offer our premium blooms and

designs to market.



" While we do fancy ourselves up for the occasional photo shoot, you can most often find us together chasing cows, combating weeds or wrangling our kids out on the farm "

Anna Guthier
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Anna Gauthier

Wild Creek Farm

I’m never happier than when filthy dirty exhausted and nothing is more rewarding than growing something from nothing, whether it's crops, kids, or livestock. I grew up on a small island where if we weren’t rambling on the beaches, we were running wild in our forest & fields. After graduating it didn’t take me long to strike out North for the Bulkley Valley in search of bigger, wilder spaces. I fell instantly in love with this area, met my husband here & never left!


While I’ve never identified as a homesteader but we’ve spent the past decade stubbornly turning our unruly forested property into a working farm and I feel that just may make me one now. Coming from a long line of farmers, I feel honored to take my place amongst them with our two children alongside as we cowboy our way through it all.


While growing my homestead roots, I always daydreamed about growing cut flowers. Although the feeling of guilt would sink in when thinking about taking time away from growing food, I just couldn't shake it! I love the strict technical requirements of producing that perfect stem and bloom, so after a decade of hesitation, I started selling farm fresh bouquets and have never looked back.

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Lindsay Heer

Robin Creek Flower Farm

I am originally a ‘town girl’  growing up in Smithers.  I spent a few years away after graduating, studying and au pairing’ abroad when I landed at Olds College in Alberta. There, I received my certificate in Commercial Floristry and developed a love and passion for flowers and plants. I eventually found my way back home to the Bulkley Valley with my partner, and we began a journey of dairy and beef farming on his family's original homestead.


Once moving home I did floral design and event decor until our family took priority, and for the last many years we’ve been raising our four wonderful daughters.  Although I was not brought up as a “farm girl,” I have fallen into country life and cannot imagine any other way. I love growing good food, gorgeous flowers and spending time chasing chickens and ducks (and girls!) around my yard. As our dairy and beef business has grown, too has my desire to incorporate flowers back into my world. Through one stroke of luck at a dairy industry event, I met a nursery owner and expert grower who later became my partner in planting, growing, and marketing an acre of peonies. With that, I began Robin Creek Flower Farm.


As I dove deeper back into flowers, my friendship with Anna also bloomed. Our first project was a wedding Anna took on as a gift to a friend and asked me for some technical help. We worked so well together that after many conversations, daydreams, tea, and cider chats we dreamt up what is now Creekside Floral Collective.

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Real Life...

We believe in:

Sustainability. Once you know better, you do better. As Canadians learn more about the ethics, environmental integrity, health & safety, social issues and the carbon outputs that go into foreign flower flower production, the desire will only grow to connect with local farmers.

You can find us:

Chasing dreams...and cows, chickens and our kids around the farm.

We are not about:

Imported Florals. We need to reconsider what is seasonal and adapt our practices to reflect our local geography and growing conditions-ie no more roses for Valentine's Day. We embrace what is fresh and seasonal and are showing our community that meaningful change can come from a single purchase.

Daily Rituals

Caffeine, Flowers, Cows, Kids and Nightcaps.

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